WDTC Law, P.A. is a law firm of litigation specialists. At its simplest, the philosophy of the firm is to offer quality legal representation to every client.

WDTC was formed with the idea that we would do one thing and do it well. We are trial lawyers. Period. At the outset of every case, we determine what outcome is desired. We then work with the client to plan a strategy that ultimately means every case is ready for trial. We believe that it is only when opposing attorneys know that a case can and will be taken to court that a desired result can be obtained.

Many lawyers may call themselves trial attorneys but few have our experience. At WDTC, we pride ourselves on being real trial lawyers who do go to court. WDTC’s philosophy of properly preparing a case for trial allows our clients the comfort of knowing that whatever their immediate objective, be it settlement or summary disposition, their interests are fully protected and all viable options preserved.

WDTC prides itself on providing a full complement of litigation services for our clients: thorough discovery plans; specialized motion practice; and experienced settlement strategies.

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